Russel “Rusty” Crawford – Athlete

Rusty Crawford was billed as one of the greatest hockey players of his time.

During a career of more than 21 seasons in professional hockey, Crawford never missed a game due to an injury. He was a member of three Stanley Cup championship teams ‑ twice with the Quebec Bulldogs and once with the Toronto Arenas.

His greatest single accomplishment was the climax to his 1912‑13 season with the Bulldogs.  In the final game on the series against Toronto, a game that lasted 112 minutes, Crawford not only scored the winning goal but also was on the ice for the entire duration of the game.  He ended his career at the age of 43 with Minneapolis.

In 1961 Crawford was named to the Hockey Hall of Fame.  He was installed in the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame on March 26, 1977.

Inducted into the Prince Albert Sports Hall of Fame in 1989.