Robert Reid – Athlete

Dr. Bob Reid started playing golf early. By the time he was in college he was the Intercollegiate Golf Champion, 1938 at Summerlea, Montreal and in 1939 at York Downs, Toronto.

In Saskatchewan golf history, Dr. Reid has the distinction of winning three major events: junior champion, 1934; Saskatchewan Amateur five times; Saskatchewan Senior. He was a member of the Willingdon team, the Canadian Army Overseas team in 1945 and was third low amateur in the Canadian Open in Winnipeg in 1952.

In 40 years playing, Dr. Reid has won numerous regional, city and club titles. He was president of the Saskatchewan Golf Association and served on the executive for many years, including working with junior development.

He was installed in the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame on March 22, 1975.

Inducted into the Prince Albert Sports Hall of Fame in 1989.