Pat Regel – Builder

The skill of being able to skate is a complicated one. To teach this skill and to teach it well is an art and that art has been mastered by Pat Regel. From beginners who can’t stand on blades, to top National Figure Skaters to National Hockey League players, Pat Regel has taught them all, and with success.

Pat Regel’s love of skating and unlimited passion for teaching this love is contagious. She creates a fun, positive environment for skaters of al ages and skill levels. A trademark is the songs and games Pat will play with the youngest of Skaters in CanSkate to capture their attention and make the process of teaching proper skills fun and creative.

Regel’s students come from all skating disciplines-from figure skaters to hockey players to hockey officials. She works with each individual and makes them understand the process they need to go through to become a better skater and is with them every step of the way.