Mark Nagy – Builder

Swimming, running and biking have been a part of Mark Nagy’s life for the past 30 years. His obsession with the sport of triathlon has led him to participate and organize races with the Prince Albert Triathlon Club.

It started in 1987 when Mark did his first Triathlon in Weyburn followed by his first Frank Dunn Triathlon in Prince Albert. In October, 1987 Mark and his wife Kathryn on their honeymoon travelled to Hawaii to watch the Ironman in Kona, on the island of Hawaii.

As a competitor from 1987 to 2016, Mark Nagy has participated in 185 triathlons including 77 sprint, 55 Olympic, 15 Frank Dunn, 24 Ironman and 14 Ironman distance races. Participating from Winnipeg to the interior of British Columbia. As a competitor his greatest accomplishment is to have competed in 11 straight Ironmans from 2001-2011 with the support of Kathryn and his 3 children.

As an organizer, Mark Nagy is best known as the Race Director of the Frank Dunn triathlons in Waskiesui from 1990-2016; 26 consecutive years and counting. The Frank Dunn was started by Frank Dunn and a group of friends in 1982 who wanted to try triathlon.  The race had unique distances which attracted thousands to participate.

The PA Roadrunners took over the organizing of the event in 1986, and Mark was asked in 1990 to help out as he had the experience having travelled to Alberta and BC and competed in National caliber events. Mark brought some experience and a professional approach to the Frank Dunn Triathlon, which has resulted in a tradition of a well-organized event that is a must-attend function on the calendars of triathletes across Western Canada.

Nagy competed in, as well as organized, the event for the first 15 years he was involved, As the race grew, Nagy stepped back from competing to concentrate on organizing this marquee event. In 2003 the PA Triathlon Club was formed and has become a major supporter of the Frank Dunn, continuing the races’ success.

Nagy has seen numbers as high as 200 individuals and 40 teams participate in the Frank Dunn triathlon which utilizes Waskesui and the beautiful Prince Albert National Park as a track that racers truly love.

Having competed and organized in 185 triathlons, with more on the horizon, Mark Nagy will be inducted into the Prince Albert Sports Hall of Fame as a Builder.