Lori-Jane Powell – Athlete

Lori-Jane Powell’s talent on the racquetball court has taken her to the pinnacle of that sport’s world.

Lori-Jane played all school sports as a youngster as well as soccer, ringette and racquetball. She excelled in soccer on the local and provincial levels, but really made her mark on the racquetball court winning national and international titles.

Lori-Jane started playing racquetball at age 11 and very quickly developed into one of Prince Albert and Saskatchewan’s top junior players. She first made the junior provincial team in 1985 in the 14 and under category. As a junior, Lori-Jane won nine medals at the national level as a singles and doubles player. In no time at all Lori-Jane was on the world stage where she captured one gold and four silver medals.

In 1994 Lori-Jane qualified for the women’s national team and has maintained that status up to her induction. During that 12 year period, Lori-Jane has won the Canadian women’s championship three times, doubles championship twice and mixed title once. From 2003-05, Lori-Jane was ranked Canada’s No. 1 women’s player.

Lori-Jane has been a continual threat on the international racquetball court. She has won a silver and bronze Pan-Am Games medals and a total of 16 gold and silver medals in international competition in the team, singles and doubles categories. She played professionally for several years and maintained top 10 status during that time, with a career high ranking of No. 7 on the Ladies Professional Tour.

Aside from competing on the court, Lori-Jane has served as a player representative for junior development and senior Canadian teams on the national executive for four years. Lori-Jane has always worked hard towards balancing her life as an athlete. While competing on the Canadian National Team, she finished a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Kinesiology. She also completed two diplomas as a certified mental trainer and as a certified fitness consultant. It was from there that she started her own consulting company, Powell Performance Services, to give back in the areas of health and wellness that she had learned over the years.

Lori-Jane has received many awards over her athletic career. She was the St. Mary High School top female athlete in Grade 12 and nominated for the Saskatoon Kinsmen Athlete of the Year award while studying at the University of Saskatchewan. In 1999, she was honoured as one of the torchbearers for the Western Canada Summer Games in Prince Abert. And, in 2000 Lori-Jane was Prince Albert’s Female Athlete of the Year.

In 2003, she was honoured as the Racquetball Canada Women’s Award winner. At the time of her induction, Lori-Jane is the technical director for Racquetball Canada.

The Prince Albert Sports Hall of Fame proudly welcomes Lori-Jane Powell in the Athlete category.