Jim Flynn – Meritorious Service

Originally from Birtle, Manitoba, Jim Flynn has carved a legacy in softball, hockey and curling in Prince Albert. As a resident of the city since 1984, Flynn has transformed his skill in sport into a support system that involves officiating, coaching and mentoring.

In softball Jim Flynn is one of Saskatchewan’s most decorated umpires. Starting in 1990, Flynn has been a mainstay for the PA Umpires Association as a key Executive member. He not only worked calling balls and strikes but was a key assignor for the Fastball and Softball Associations adding Minor Softball to his duties in 2008. He is the Umpire in Chief (UIC) for Zone 8 of Softball Saskatchewan since 2000, teaching at clinics, assigning umpires for Provincial and Western Canadians and assisting other zones. From 1993-2014 Flynn has worked at no less than 10 Western Canadian Championships as an umpire and for some as UIC and DUIC. From 1997-2014 he worked as an umpire at 14 Canadian Championships including 6 in Prince Albert. Internationally he has worked some exhibition games with touring national teams.

Jim Flynn has coached minor hockey since 1995. An active member of the Carlton Park Community Club, he has assisted PA Minor hockey as an evaluator and board member and in 2007 was presented with the “Fred Schmidt Memorial Award” for his dedication to the Association. One of the driving forces behind female hockey in the city, Flynn has coached the Midget AA team since 2008 and is a committee member of PA’s Annual female tournament, one of the largest in the province.

In curling, Flynn made his mark helping to run curling at the Penitentiary in the late 1980’s, receiving an “Award of Appreciation” from the Solicitor General in 1989. In 2008 he was an official at the Senior National Curling Championships in PA.

The “work hard/play hard” mentality has provided Jim Flynn with a very active and rewarding life.