Chris Lair – Meritorious Service

Karate is a sport of discipline, strength and skill that has been nurtured in Prince Albert since 1983 by Chris Lair. Lair is a 5th degree black belt (5th dan) and is a licensed instructor, judge and examiner with numerous black belt students. Lair also has started up dojos (training centres) in LaRonge, Saskatoon and Onion Lake. Lair has developed the Prince Albert Budokai Karate Club to include over 50 students ranging in age from 6 to 60. He is an International Class B referee and International Class D instructor and rank examiner (he can grade up to Brown Belt). Lair has served as the Vice-President of the Saskatchewan International Karate College, which holds 3 events annually. As a competitor in the sport, Lair won numerous medals at the International Shotokan Karate Federation and International Karate Daikaiku for individual sparring, individual kata and team kata. He also serves as the Saskatchewan provincial coach for Naitonal competitions. Sensai Lair graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with high honours in Psychology. While at the U of S, in cooperation with the Western Hockey League, Sensei Lair conducted original research in attributional theory of achievement motivation in elite athletes. Sensei Lair continues to study all aspects of karate with the International Karate Daigaku instructor training program. His special interests include physics validation of karate techniques and applications of traditional karate techniques to modern self-defense requirements. For his Meritorious Service, please welcome Prince Albert Sports Hall of Fame inductee Chris Lair.