1999 – 2001 Prince Albert AALLCAN Astros – Team

The softball rich community of Prince Albert has produced many strong teams over the decades. One of the teams near the top of that list would be the Prince Albert Aallcaan Midget Astros boys teams from 1999-2001.

Under the guidance of coaches Felix Casavant, Ernie Marcotte and Steve Olde this group won the Saskatchewan Midget Championship all three years. In 2000 they won a bronze at the Canadian Championships and the following year hosted the National Tournament, finishing with a silver medal.

In 2001, 5 Astros – Curtis Bradbury, Brad Casavant, Josh Dueck, Todd Marcotte and Ryan Olde were named to the National Junior Team and wore the maple leaf at the World Championships in Sydney, Australia, returning with a bronze medal

Also in 2001, the Astros made up 9 members of Team Saskatchewan that competed at the Canada Games also winning a bronze medal. The 5 members of the Astros that were on Team Canada also were on Team Saskatchewan joined by Scott Blacklock, Derek Blais, Jaiden Creary and Geoff Larose.

Other members of the Astros from 1999-2001 were: Jordie Gagnon, Kenny Scheirer, Peter Schmidt, Shawn Unger, Beau Gallemeault, Ryan Klassen, Ryan Turgeon, Trevor Lyster, Jarret Sampson and manager Wendy Olde.