1954 Cosmo Little League – Team

The Prince Albert Cosmos Little League team was the city’s first provincial baseball champions.

In August 1954 the Prince Albert Cosmo Little League team advanced to the northern provincial finals by narrowly defeating the Prince Albert Anavets. The Northern playoffs included teams from Nipawin, Saskatoon and Luseland.

Rules allowed teams which made it to the playoffs to pickup three additional players from their local league.

Cosmo coaches Roy Hall and Bob Webb wisely chose Ron Bergen and Bob Thorpe from the Prince Albert Anavets and Reggie Peterson from the Prince Albert Legion, all who contributed to the Cosmos success. The Cosmos captured the Northern title by first defeating Nipawin and then Luseland in the final.

The provincial finals were held in Prince Albert in September. The Cosmos downed Yorkton two straight in a best-of-three series behind the great pitching of Fred Freeman and Arnie Habetler. The Cosmos thus became the first Little League team in Prince Albert to win a provincial title. Later that same day the Prince Albert Rotary Pony League baseball team won another provincial title for the city.

Growing up and playing sports in Prince Albert during the 1950s was a time when friendships were established and the memories of those times are still valued. The Cosmos are saddened by the passing of coach Roy Hall and that he could not be here to share this with the team. The Cosmos appreciate and will always remember the organizations such as the Cosmopolitans, the coaches, the umpires, the volunteers and parents who took the time and effort so they, as kids, could enjoy their youth and making the 1950s a most memorable time of their lives.

The Cosmos were: Roy Hall (coach), Bob Webb (coach), Jim Ward, Arnold Habetler, Gerald Friesen, Brian Allbright, Bob Thorpe, Fred Freeman, Ron Bergen, Derek Gibson, Guy Demaine, Wray Breadner, Reg Peterson, Don Somers, Ray Baker, Ron Melnyk, Paul Bundon, Ben Macht and batboy John Macht.

The Prince Albert Sports Hall of Fame proudly welcomes the 1954 Prince Albert Cosmos Little

League Baseball Team to the Team Category.