1948 Royal Hilltops – Team

The Prince Albert Men’s League champions of 1948 were the Royal Hilltops, who won the Fraser Cup with a 2-1 victory over the Riverside Royals in a game played at the Weldon diamond. Other teams competing in the league that year were Davis and Fenton.

The team was made up of players from Red Deer Hill, but Alan Young was their coach, so they changed their name to the Royal Hilltops. In the final they edged out their rivals, the Royals, who were coached by Robin Bibby who presented the trophy to Jim Brown, the oldest player on the Royal Hilltops.

Calvin Beddome pitched the entire game for the Royal Hilltops. In the 9th inning with the score tied 1-1, Beddome came up and hit a double. Wilfred Poulin was the next batter and dramatic lofted a single over first base, scoring Beddome to give the Royal Hilltops the title!

Players for the Royal Hilltops included: Jim and Dwayne Brown, Wilfred and Ernie Pullin, Charlie Zaverganeitz, Eddie Hollick, Alex McMullen, Pete and Danny Kissel, Edgar Acorn, and Chester, Ed and Calvin Beddome.

Some of the umpires that helped out in the league were: Arnold Spence, Allie Logan and Geppy Corrigal.